Greenpeace and Labour call for MPI to be investigated over fisheries mismanagement

greenwashing2Prime Minister John Key is “sceptical” about a report’s claims that the number of fish caught is more than twice the number officially recorded. For the first time a report in collaboration with Auckland University provides a reconstructed picture of New Zealand’s marine catches dating back to 1950 – it reveals while 15.3 million tonnes of catch was recorded up until 2013, an estimated 24.7 million tonnes had fallen through the cracks. Greenpeace says government officials were aware of the recording botch-up but instead of fixing it, the Ministry for Primary Industries “deliberately covered it up”. Read the rest here 14:23

2 Responses to Greenpeace and Labour call for MPI to be investigated over fisheries mismanagement

  1. Borehead says:

    MPI’s own officials think fish dumping high
    In the comment section of this article. I found it interesting.


    When we set up the quota system, a child of Far North family fishers, it was a good system. Except for one thing – the processors got too many rights to also own quota. The 1st thing they did was destroy our Co-operative factory setup (that was Fletchers, for crying out loud). Then they proceeded to get ownership of fishing rights (which is what quota is); until they gained total control. The owners/shareholders/bosses do not go fishing, and will live in flash suburbs or faraway from the home grounds of their quota.
    So why would they care? Distance of ownership from the point of catch causes such problems as we have. That is the stupid part. This current ongoing rark-up, not so much.

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