Alaska Airlines delivers 80,000 lbs. of the first Copper River salmon of the season to Seattle

070_8160Alaska Airlines has delivered more than 80,000 pounds of fresh Copper River salmon to Seattle on four Alaska Air Cargo flights, marking the beginning of the summer salmon-grilling season, anticipated by seafood lovers throughout the Pacific Northwest, the company said. Every year, Alaska Air Cargo partners with the state of Alaska´s three largest seafood processors, Ocean Beauty Seafoods, Trident Seafoods and Copper River Seafoods, to bring the fish to Seattle and Anchorage, Alaska, where it will then be shipped to restaurants and grocery stores throughout the Pacific Northwest, United States and points beyond. Alaska Airlines supports the Alaska seafood industry, which is recognized for its sustainable fishing practices. The airline flew more than 20 million pounds of fresh Alaska seafood last year, including more than one million pounds of Copper River salmon. Read the rest here 17:14

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