Feds Drop Buoy-Napping Case Against Fishermen

48643802.cachedCooler heads have prevailed, and the feds earlier this week dropped their lawsuit against two fisherman who seized a piece of scientific equipment operated by the United States Geological Survey. A source close to the situation told Courthouse News that the “oceanographic mooring buoy,” known as Scientific Mooring MS, was returned to the United States Geological Survey. The buoy had previously been in the possession of two Moss Landing, California-based fishermen. Daneil Sherer and Patrick Anderson, who run A&S Fisheries, found the piece of equipment in January and demanded $45,000 to return of the equipment. The feds sued the fisherman in late March, accusing them of holding government property “de facto hostage” and causing irreparable harm to an international research project. Read the rest here 20:34

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