Advisory group wants to move Astoria Marine Construction Co. Shipyard, Fishermen leery

AR-160529960.jpg&MaxW=600The advisory group overseeing the cleanup of Astoria Marine Construction Co.’s contaminated shipyard has asked the state to support a public-private partnership to relocate the business. The long-term impact of the closure of AMCCO on our fishing fleet could have severe economic consequences, as the loss of the fleet will impact fish processing and other businesses related to the fishing industry,” Löfman wrote. “Commercial fishing represents 18.6 percent ($142.4 million) of all earned income in Clatsop County.” Löfman, who also sent the letter to a long list of local, state and national legislators, said she put the letter out to raise awareness about the clear need for the shipyard. Dave Jordan, an advisory group member who lives near Tillamook and bases his fishing boat out of Warrenton, said it takes him as little as 45 minutes for his boat to get to Astoria Marine. Astoria Marine helps change his equipment between the crab, shrimp and tuna seasons, along with biennial haul-outs and emergency repairs. “That’s one of the big losses, is the emergency part of it,” he said. “It’s a bad deal. Boats might sink because it’s not there.” Read the story here 13:06

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