Fishermen celebrate after catching ‘drunk monster’ eel

eel drunkAdolph Nwarhombi (32) and Go-Back Makhuvele (26) from Makuleke near Malamulele, Limpopo poured 25 litres of traditional beer in the water where they were fishing. They now believe that this is the secret to successful fishing because after they caught a 1.2m (4 ft) long eel. Go-Back told Daily Sun that they poured the beer in the water and when they came back in the evening they realised there was something very strange under the surface. “We waited about for three minutes after casting and then pulled the net into the boat. “We knew we had caught something special. It was like a monster and very strong. It nearly pulled us out of the boat,” he said. It was dark and they couldn’t see what was in the net. “We were scared that we had a crocodile in the net,” he said. “We thought of jumping out of the boat and running home. But then the monster started getting tired. After half an hour it finally surrendered. “Go-Back said they couldn’t believe it when they switched on their torches and saw the giant eel in the net. Adolph said: “I believe the eel got drunk on our beer and that’s why we defeated it. We’ll sell it for R500 ($ 31.98 USD).” link

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