Whatcom fishing fleet likely to stay longer in Alaska this season

CommercialFishing%20(2)With the fishing season in local waters still uncertain, a bigger contingent of the Whatcom County commercial fishing fleet may stay in Alaska longer this season. Commercial fishing men and women are busy loading up boats in places like Squalicum Harbor, with many planning to head north in the coming days and weeks. Loren Kapp and Cathy Wade are expecting a good, but not blockbuster, fishing season in Alaska. They operate the Chief Kwina, a former Lummi Island ferry that is now a salmon tender boat. They plan to depart for Alaska on Monday, May 23. “With the warm blob going away, it should help,” said Kapp, referring to the area of warm water that settled in the ocean waters east of Vancouver Island for the past couple of years. There is the potential for cooler waters in the area this year, which is what the salmon prefer. Read the rest here 12:30

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