We went down hard, but FixMyWP.com picked us back up!

FixMyWP wordpress support and maintenance servicesWhen you do what we do and things go bad, its always a problem trying to get things fixed. We depend on people to keep the boat afloat. This may sound like it should be non problematic, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is certainly problematic when you think things are all right and you discover they are not! We noticed when posting the other night that things were amiss. We kept losing connectivity and getting error message from our server. It made it impossible to run the website. We decided to upgrade the web hosting service and add another layer of security. When we did this, Holy Hell broke loose! We lost everything! After hours of phone time with the hosting service, and much anxiety, we learned that the service was not actually hosting fisherynation.com, and someone had redirected the info to another hosting service! This made it impossible for them to restore our website. I sent a message to Makis Mourelatos at FixMyWP.com who had debugged our website that had been hacked earlier in the month. He worked his magic, recovered the website, and we are now back. Thank you Makis for everything. 14:59


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  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    Nothing is ever easy BH. Your tenacity in keeping this site running is unparallelled! A heartfelt thanks for doing what you do to keep this industry informed and holding those who seek to destroy it accountable while they dismantle it one piece at a time. Your hard work is surely appreciated!!!

  2. philips66 says:

    Makis is the man! Thanks for getting back online

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