Trudeau says Hunter Tootoo resigned after ‘very difficult situation’

hunter-tootooPrime Minister Justin Trudeau had very little to say Wednesday morning after the abrupt resignation of his fisheries minister the night before. “As was announced yesterday, Hunter Tootoo has left the Liberal caucus and resigned from cabinet to seek treatment for addiction issues,” Trudeau said in his first public words on the resignation of the fisheries minister last night. “This was his own choice after a very difficult situation and we’ll have nothing further to say on the matter,” Trudeau said on Parliament Hill, before making his way into his party’s weekly caucus meeting. Trudeau did not specify what kind of addiction issues Tootoo is seeking treatment for, nor did he elaborate on the “difficult situation.” He did not take questions from reporters. Government House Leader Dominic Leblanc has taken over as fisheries minister, the prime minister’s office announced Tuesday evening. Link 10:59

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