DAVID G. SELLARS’ ON THE WATERFRONT: Hodgepodge of ships crowd Port Angeles Harbor

jamie marieThe cargo ship Alaska moored to the Port of Port Angeles’ Terminal 3 to take on a load of logs for export to China.  The 616-foot ship was launched earlier this year from the Shin Kurushima Dockyard in Japan and made her maiden voyage to the United States in April.  I daresay before 2016 runs its course, we will see Alaska in Port Angeles again. Platypus Marine, the full-service shipyard, yacht-repair facility and steel-boat manufacturer on Marine Drive in Port Angeles, hauled out Jamie Marie. She is an 80-foot commercial fishing boat that ran aground in the early morning hours of May 23 in Ocean Shores.  About 24 hours later, with the help of a couple of tugs and a high tide, the vessel was freed from her predicament and now sits on the hard while personnel paint the bottom, replace the cutlass bearing and the keel cooler, and assess the need for possible future maintenance and repair needs due to her out-of-water experience. Read the report here 11:28:45

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