Diane Hill is the chief and (so far) only seamstress for Bristol Bay Brailers, LLC, a new business in Naknek.

DianeHill_sewingWhile fishermen tune up their boats, there are many other workers also gearing up for the salmon season. Welders, net hangers, and cannery workers are all streaming in to support the industry. This year, a Naknek family has established another piece of that fishery puzzle: a homegrown brailer operation called Bristol Bay Brailer, LLC.  Hill is the manager and chief-and-only seamstress of Bristol Bay Brailer, LLC.  Her husband, Bill Hill, his two brothers Nathan and Karl, and their business partner Russell Phelps co-own the company. They’re all fishermen, and Hill says they’d been talking for years about the need for locally produced brailers. “We were like, why don’t we make brailers here? We’ve been buying them from other places, but we’re in the heart of fishing, so why don’t we buy them here?” Audio, read the story here 14:11

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