South Shore Lobstermen innovating for Whale closure exemption

john aviland of the south shore lobstermen's associationRepresentatives from local fishermen’s associations may have a solution they hope can lead to an exemption in a federally mandated closure that grounds local fishermen from Feb. 1 to April 30. The closure encompasses nearly 3,000 square nautical miles, including parts of Massachusetts Bay and the waters around Cape Cod. It was first implemented in 2015 and affects fishermen who use vertical lines, such as lobster fishermen. The goal behind the closure is to protect the right whale from possible entanglements. Since before the closure began, the fishermen have been looking for a compromise so they can help protect the endangered species without hurting their livelihoods. The solution that may be the key to an exemption is a type of sleeve local fishermen have been trying out for about two years. Read the story here 15:48

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