Brexit: Aberdeen University study reveals 92% of UK fishermen plan to vote Leave on June 23.

30441-black-fish-skippers-falsely-landed-more-than-60m-of-fishThe poll, conducted by researchers at the University of Aberdeen, also revealed a majority of fishermen did not think leaving the European Union would detrimentally affect their trade. Over three in four believe leaving the EU and its common fisheries policy would enable them to catch and land more fish. Around the same number think Brexit would have no impact on the trade of fish between the UK and other European countries. 93% of fishermen believe leaving the EU would boost the industry’s fortunes, the survey also revealed. The researchers behind the poll admitted Scottish fishermen, despite having the largest fleet in the UK, were “slightly over-represented” in the survey, accounting for 68.4% of respondents. “Fishermen view the EU very negatively and this further marks them out from the general UK public who are far more split over positive and negative feelings towards the EU.” Read the rest here 14:07

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