Salvage nearly complete of shipwrecked F/V Privateer

web1_Privateer-salvage-1_0Salvage operations on the sunken, dismantled shrimp boat Privateer continued Tuesday and are close to wrapping up, nearly two months after the 74-foot vessel sank just north of the Ocean Shores jetty. But some debris and monitoring remained in place, and the latest work caused some lube oil or grease to release a sheen, according to the latest update from the Department of Ecology. In an email to city officials and others overseeing the incident, Andrea Unger of the state Department of Ecology said contractor Global Diving and Salvage “has finished deconstructing the vessel this morning and has removed most of the Privateer. They were able to remove most all the ship but some of the port-side’s metal ‘skin’ will have to remain in place. The port side of the vessel was too deeply buried in the sand.” Global used two excavators to pull out as much of the port side that was possible, Unger said. Read the rest here 15:54

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