Aiden Penton’s story – Fogo Island fisherman has taken big risks to build his business

article Aiden PentonAiden Penton did not need written notes when he addressed the LIFO panel at Gander two weeks ago. The Fogo Island fisherman simply told his life story. “My father was a fisherman, my grandfather was a fisherman and my great-grandfather …” he told panellists Paul Sprout, Wayne Follett, Trevor Taylor and Barbara Crann. His family has been making a living from the sea for so long that “I don’t know how far I can go back,” he said. But he knows one simple truth: he was born a fisherman, and carries on a family legacy that began several generations before. He went ‘aboard the boat’ when he could only crawl and he’s made a living from fishing for almost 50 years. He’s seen some pretty hard years. He’s seen fisheries fail. Read the rest here 12:47

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