LIFO – Northern shrimp quota panel hears from New Brunswick fishing companies

Northern_Pink_ShrimpTwo major New Brunswick fishing companies appeared Friday before a federal panel in Halifax to argue for the existing northern shrimp allocation regime. They are trying to maintain historical access they were granted to fishing grounds off Newfoundland and Labrador as the northern shrimp stock declines. “How is pushing a fleet out involved in the fishery for 38 years a fair policy?” questioned Jean St. Cyr, a policy analyst for two offshore shrimp licence holders in New Brunswick: Caramer Limited and Lameque Offshore Fishing Limited. Both companies are based out of New Brunswick’s Acadian peninsula. The federal government is under pressure in Newfoundland and Labrador to end the so-called, last in, first out policy — also known as LIFO — in the northern shrimp fishery.  Read the rest here 13:11

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