Brexit flotilla: Bob Geldof and Nigel Farage have massive horn-off in the Thames

honest people brexitIn the Leave slipstream: Ukip’s Nigel Farage, and a navy of fishermen on board for Brexit who sailed up the river with him in a parade of up to 60 trawlers. Urging Remain, musician Sir Bob Geldof is giving it back to him on a boat of ‘In’ supporters holding pro-EU banners in protest and blaring out ‘In With The In Crowd’. As they tried to outdo each other with their foghorns, Brexiters soaking the Bremainers with their hoses as they passed. Fishermen campaigning for Brexit argue their industry is being damaged by European Union quotas. ‘The governing principle of the common fisheries policy is that of ‘equal access to a common resource’,’ Farage said. ‘Fish stock that should be within the UK’s internationally-recognised territorial waters is now shared with our European partners. This has led to a 60% drop in oversized landings and the loss of tens of thousands of jobs in our industry.’ Lots of images, and video streams, click here 09:04

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