N.S. fishing companies fight to keep Last In First Out shrimp policy

hi-shrimp-852Members of Nova Scotia’s offshore shrimp fishery are launching a last ditch effort to sway federal politicians to keep the long-standing Last In First Out policy after what they’re describing as an unfair consultation process. On Friday, industry stakeholders met in Halifax to make their case to a federally-appointed panel tasked with reviewing the Last In First Out (LIFO) policy, but some feel their concerns fell on deaf ears. Scott Nichols, CEO of North Sydney shrimp harvester M. V. Osprey Ltd. — one of four Nova Scotia companies that fish eight of the 17 offshore licences — said he felt Friday’s consultation was pointless. In recent years stock declines in that area have caused major quota cuts, which due to LIFO has affected mainly the inshore fishery, leading stakeholders in Newfoundland and Labrador to call for an end to the policy. Read the story here 10:46

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