Boston Fish Pier’s seafood business evolving with the industry

After years of struggle in the face of a declining local fishery, the Fish Pier in Boston is again bursting with seafood businesses. But with New England fishing stocks tightly managed, the Fish Pier dealers are now more reliant on fishermen from distant oceans, their catch arriving by truck after being shipped through Logan Airport or the Conley Terminal. Just a few years ago, Fish Pier was a little more than half full, the tail-end of a rocky period when its decline seemed inevitable. Today, it is nearly fully occupied with 15 tenants — part of a booming secondary trade of more than 60 seafood processing businesses in and near the South Boston waterfront. They’ve managed to survive because of their proximity to local highways, Logan, and the Conley Terminal, which brings in massive cargo containers from all over the world. Read the rest here 08:10

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