Sending “Chuck” home -15-pound lobster gets new lease on life

He may have been too big for a pot anyway but a grocery store on Newfoundland’s west coast has spared the life of huge lobster that it says was a big draw for children in Corner Brook. Colemans says its O’Connell Drive store received the massive, 15-pound crustacean — nicknamed ‘Chuck” — in a shipment from a local seafood supplier. After weeks at the store, Colemans asked marine biologist Robert Hooper, of the Bonne Bay Marine Station in Norris Point, to have a look. He estimated Chuck is more than 50 years old. “Everyone agreed the best outcome for this lobster would be to release him back into the ocean,” said Colemans in a news release. So, on June 14, Mike Snooks, a Colemans seafood manager, carefully packed up the giant lobster for a car ride to the beach.  After his claw bands were removed, Chuck disappeared into the depths of the Bay of Islands.  Link  17:39

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