The Reef’s Self-Serving Saviours

coral-not-coal-protest-at-india-finance-minister-arun-jaitley-visit-to-australia-5701d5a011c75Virtually every year for the past half-century news reports have bannered dire proclamations by “reef experts” on imminent “threats” to the Great Barrier Reef. This has sustained an ongoing, ever-growing charade of “research” and “management” aimed at saving the reef from a litany of hypothetical threats conjured up by a salvation industry which now costs taxpayers over $100 million annually. Although none of these “threats” have ever proven to be anything other than hypothetical possibilities or  temporary fluctuations of nature, the doomsters never cease to rummage through their litany of concerns to find something they can present as urgent in order to keep the funding flowing. Please read this. When you do, substitute issues that affect you in your region, ocean acidification, rising oceans, fish surveys that do not resemble what you actually see in your every day world. Ponder why it doesn’t add up. Its about money. Your livelihood being destroyed while others flourish at your expense. Read the article here 20:55

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