Americans would choose Brexit

untitled brexitBritons are less than a week away from a referendum about whether to exit the European Union (EU), or remain. British commentary on the debate has been unreasonable enough, American commentary is worse, but the American choice would be clear. Some Americans have mischaracterized Brexiteers as opponents of a “liberal democratic capitalist project“. That’s not how either side is characterizing the EU: the EU admits its philosophical mission to “force people to be free,” while Brexiteers characterize the EU as an undemocratic, centralizing socialist enterprise, in opposition to Britain’s liberal democratic capitalist traditions. A similar falsity is to mischaracterize Brexiteers as opposed to “free markets“: Brexiteers want to trade with the larger and better managed markets of the world; the EU is a free market within its own borders, but also a protectionist area from the perspective of the rest of the world. Read the rest here 08:26

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