A group I despise is heading to B.C. to fight something I despise! Salmon Farms or something

r-v-martin-sheen-sea-shepherd-shipThe Sea Shepherds salmon campaign is all about,,, The Sea Shepherds! They continuously grovel for attention and legitimacy, but really, where’s the beef? It’s in old Captain Watson’s ass, and in the swelled cavern between his ears! I read an article today, which I will share with you. The Sea Shepherds are sending their luxury yacht, which they refer to as a research vessel, the Martin Sheen to the coast of B.C to support Alexandra Morton in opposition to the salmon farms. Will they make a difference? Nope. If anything, they pollute the issue. It’s not been revealed what exactly they plan to do, but, unless they swing from the yard-arm with daggers clenched in their teeth when DFO shows up, or ram some salmon pens in true Sea Shepherd fashion, this is nothing but a self aggrandized publicity stunt. Click here to read the article, which is all about them. 20:30

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