N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries says Commercial and Recreational landings rose in 2015

NCDMF_trnsprntThe DMF issued the 2015 Annual Fisheries Bulletin on Tuesday, which includes landings reports on both commercial and recreational landings in North Carolina. According to the reports, commercial fishermen sold 65,952,115 pounds of finfish and shellfish to seafood dealers last year, 6.8 percent (4,178,075 pounds) more than the 61,774,040 pounds harvested in 2014 and higher than the five-year average of 60.5 million pounds. The dockside value of these landings rose from $93,906,612 by 10.7 percent ($10,062,090) to an estimated $103,968,702, topping the five-year average annual value of $84.2 million. Most notable among 2015 commercial fishing statistics were increases in shrimp and hard crab landings during the latter months of the year. Shrimp landings increased from 4,691,067 pounds in 2014 by 94 percent (4,406,593 pounds) to 9,097,660 pounds in 2015, the highest shrimp landings since 2008. Read the rest here 14:07

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