Debate over closing of B.C. salmon cannery goes to federal committee

canfisco_cannery.jpg__0x400_q95_autocrop_crop-smart_subsampling-2_upscaleThe debate over the closing of B.C.’s last salmon-canning operation shifted to Ottawa this month, where a federal committee heard sharply differing opinions on the issue. While the union representing plant workers decried changes at the Oceanside Cannery in Prince Rupert and called for new policies in response, the plant’s owner maintained relatively few jobs would be affected and that no policy changes are required. The committee also heard consumer tastes are shifting to fresh and frozen fish over the canned product that was once a mainstay on the B.C. coast. “Maintaining a large plant with many canning lines for limited production was not viable,” Rob Morley, vice-president of Canadian Fishing Co., told the standing committee on fisheries and oceans earlier this month. Read the story here 14:04

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