Today’s deep thoughts from a PETA person – Try the fish-free fish fingers

KGaCxBNgFw-4In all the talk about the EU Common Fisheries Policy, one party has been entirely ignored – the fish. Fish don’t get a vote, but if they did they’d surely want us to leave them alone so they might stay in the sea. More than one trillion fish and other sea animals die at the hands of humans each year. That’s about 143 for every human. Deep-sea trawling is responsible for widespread damage to coral reefs and underwater mountains and the ecosystems that depend on these habitats are crumbling. This reckless destruction of the ocean is both cruel and unsustainable. The good news is that delicious cruelty-free options – such as fish-free fish fingers, faux-fish cakes and mock prawns – are delicious, affordable and easy to find. Jennifer White, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Link 16:57

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