Post-Brexit, north Queensland fishermen consider trade opportunities with the United Kingdom

4720852-3x2-940x627North Queensland fishermen are hoping that now the United Kingdom is to exit the European Union (EU) following the referendum last week, export markets could be re-vitalized. Many stopped exporting to the EU due to difficult protocols and high costs associated with their membership. That was exactly what Mackay Commercial fisherman David Caracciolo did, but he said he may now reconsider that decision if the UK does leave the EU. He believes with the UK split away, it would be much easier to build trade relations. “Previously, the testing regime has been very strict,” Mr Caracciolo said. “We have had lots of incidents in the past where stock, mainly prawns, have been tested in Australian [and] got into the EU and been rejected. “In saying that, the UK — to my knowledge — has not been a big market of Australian seafood but maybe things could change in the future. Read the rest here 08:56

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