It happens! ‘Deadliest Catch’ Skipper Sean Dwyer busted for gear infraction

Sean-Bio2“Deadliest Catch” star Captain Sean Dwyer is in trouble with the law. Alaska’s Fish and Game officials fined Dwyer for some issues with his crab-catching equipment. The rules states that crab pots must have an 18-inch flap to allow the crab to escape, should it find its way back into the ocean. Dwyer’s crab pot only had a 15-inch flap, which has reportedly been fixed. The reality star reportedly paid $1,500 in fines and is now on probation for two years. Dwyer is the youngest captain of the Brenna A ship at 24 years old. It’s his first season with the hit Discovery series that has been airing for 12 seasons. Read the rest here 17:56

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