Fisherman raps Coast Guard in Gulf sinking incident

5772d6770df6b.imageCoast Guard officials say they operated within their proper protocols during their response to a sinking shrimp boat whose captain was aided by another mariner earlier this month. But the stricken vessel’s captain and other fishermen question that assertion, and say the episode has eroded their confidence in the agency’s rescue capabilities. No injuries were reported in connection with the sinking of the fishing vessel Peruga, a 60-foot Louisiana shrimp boat that calls St. Bernard Parish home, but travels through Terrebonne and Lafourche waters, as well as those further east into Mississippi. Well-known to local fishermen, the Peruga’s captain is George Barisich, president of the United Commercial Fishermen’s Association, who has for decades advocated on behalf of fishermen.“It was my belief before the incident that we had to fend for ourselves 99 percent of the time,” Barisich said. “Now it is my knowledge that you’ve got to take care of yourself, that fishermen have to fend for themselves and don’t count on the Coast Guard. Even though we help them all the time and they count on us, don’t count on them.” Read the story here 10:49

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