Marine ecosystems still at risk as ‘the blob’ sinks deeper below the surface, says DFO

the-blobThe giant ocean ‘blob’ isn’t dead — yet. The warm patch of water that stretches along the Pacific Coast is currently resting several hundred metres below the surface of the ocean, despite earlier reports that it had dissipated, according to new data. “What we’re finding is that the upper waters are being mixed by the wind again and coming back to normal temperatures, but the residual effect of the blob is still there at about 150 to 200 metres [below the surface],” said  Ian Perry, a senior research scientist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada. The blob was widely pronounced dead earlier this year after satellite heat images no longer detected abnormally warm waters on the surface of the Pacific Coast. However, the imaging only read up to 40 metres below the surface, said Perry. Read the story here 11:31

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