Seafood vendors in China selling ‘sewer shrimp and fish’

Weibo-image-sewer-shrimp-1Internet users were horrified to find photographic evidence that showed seafood vendors in Wuhan, China scavenging discarded shrimp and fish from the city’s sewers to serve to unsuspecting customers. According to Shanghai List, it is not uncommon for shrimp and fish waste to show up in the City’s sewers. Seafood brought into the markets of Baishazhou in Wuhan frequently end up falling in the sewers during the packaging process. It can be assumed that once the fish and shrimp fall into the sewers, that should be the last anyone sees of them, but not in Wuhan. Apparently some vendors “rescue” the seafood and after rinsing it off in the public bathrooms, sell the seafood to unwary customers. Read the story here 12:53

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