It Takes a Thief! $6,000 fishing gear theft under investigation in Gloucester

Lock_Cut(1)Gloucester police are investigating the theft of an estimated $6,000 worth of fishing gear and electronic equipment from a commercial fishing vessel docked off Harbor Loop. A commercial fisherman said that sometime between Tuesday and early Thursday, one or more intruders broke a padlock off the vessel’s wheelhouse and entered it, making off with a computerized mackerel fishing reel, mackerel hooks, the computer used with the reel, and an additional computer tablet, according to the report from Patrolman James Officer. Officer’s report indicates that the equipment is rare, with only seven known individual computer-reel systems operating out of Gloucester. The fisherman has estimated the reels and computer equipment losses at $4,500, with the hooks worth an estimated $1,500. Police said they are in the process of obtaining serial numbers and other identifying data. Link 18:54

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