WWF Australia buys $100,000 shark net licence to stop it ending up in hands of fishers

negative__positive___wwf_panda_by_hpfil-d5mthkwConservation group WWF Australia has bought a commercial shark fishing licence in an unusual move to protect the predators in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and beyond. Conservation director Gilly Llewellyn said the licence cost $100,000, which includes a 1.2 kilometre net. “We’re going to take it out of the water and make sure it doesn’t go fishing,” she said. “This is a shot across the bow to the management authorities and to the Australian Government that we believe they should be protected,” she said. The WWF’s fishing licence has not been used since 2004, prompting questions about whether the move will make a difference. However, Ms Llewellyn said it was a worthwhile purchase. WWF Australia is hoping donations will pay for the net fishing licence. Read the story here 08:06

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