Commercial fisherman slams Noosa sustainability critic

b88212177z1_20160715073049_000gd17sptd3-0-4ybvx8hd27tyf8jsjm2_ct620x465A commercial fisherman whose suppliers were net fishing at Noosa North Shore on the weekend has slammed claims the men were doing “irreparable damage” to local fish stocks. “How is it possible that netters (sic) from NSW can come here to the Noosa Biosphere/Noosa North Shore, camp where they like with no facilities in a no camp zone, take about 300 tonnes of breeding stock fish that should have spawned the lake systems here, truck them back to NSW…” he wrote. He called on the State Government to buy back commercial fishing licences and labelled the practice “unsustainable”.  Richard Brown said, “For some reason Noosa is an area that they seem to isolate themselves and think that everyone’s coming and taking their product and leaving.” He said the idea that only Noosa residents should catch fish off Noosa beaches was a recurring one but had no scientific basis. “I wonder if those people in Noosa only eat Noosa tomatoes potato and steak,” he said. Mr Brown said Markwell Fisheries had been operating on the Noosa North Shore since 1944. The fact they are still there was proof their fishing practices were sustainable, he said. Read the rest here 20:57

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