Farr introduces “Screw the Fishermen” bill to protect federal waters off California.

B9315207125Z.1_20141120211949_000+GGJ96LM2B.1-0The timing is impeccable. (Oh yes it is! It’s Pewpeccable!) On the same day the Weekly ran a story about a campaign to protect underwater seamounts, ridges and banks in federal waters off California—a campaign fishermen claim is circumventing proper process—U.S. Rep. Sam Farr, D-Carmel, introduced a bill that would bring those very protections. (Exclusions) According to Diane Pleschner-Steele, director of the California Wetfish Producers Association, the proposal has been shopped around Capitol Hill recently, and California fishermen have been knocked back on their heels since learning of it in May.  Farr’s bill would permanently bar commercial fishing and oil and gas development, among other things, in several ecologically important mounts, banks and ridges along the state’s coast. Read the rest here, if you have the stomach for it. 09:22

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