8 Shark Fishermen From Same Family Murdered In Mexico

gunGunmen burst into a home and killed eight shark fishermen from the same family in Mexico’s Pacific beach resort of Puerto Escondido, authorities said on Tuesday. The armed group arrived in a vehicle late on Monday, stormed the house and opened fire with high-caliber weapons in the southern state Oaxaca, officials said. “Four men died at the scene and four more, also males, died in a hospital during treatment,” Joaquin Carrillo Ruiz, Oaxaca’s chief prosecutor, told AFP. The victims were all fishermen who caught sharks, but the prosecutor’s office said in a statement that investigators were looking at whether they were involved in illicit activities.  It did not give more details about the investigation, but drugs are moved off the coasts of southern Mexico. Last week, the navy recovered 900 kilograms of cocaine inside 33 packages that were floating off the coast of Chiapas state, south of Oaxaca. Read the rest here 11:49

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