These fishermen catch fish in the filthy bay where Olympic athletes will compete — here’s how bad it’s gotten

img_8633Behind the airport on Rio de Janeiro’s Governador Island, fishermen live an area called the “Molotov Cocktail,” so known because of the pollution found there. These fishermen catch their fish in Guanabara Bay — the place where Olympic sailors will compete that’s become something of a legend over the past year because of the high levels of sewage, viruses, and trash lurking in the water. Guanabara Bay is huge, and the fisherman don’t work near the Olympic competition area. But they still have to contend with pollution and the increasingly poor reputation of the bay. Alex Sandro Santos, the president of the Fishermen Association of Tubiacanga, is a third generation fisherman in the area. Fifty years ago, he says, Read the rest here 21:30

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