When Whitburn fishermen plotted to overthrow the king

henry 8thToday we recall the time when local fishermen begged to get rid of a man who was making their lives a misery. But he wasn’t just any old chap, as historian Douglas Smith explains, he was the king of England – Henry VIII. “It was the day the fishermen of Whitburn begged a Scottish king to rid them of the English king – a man they blamed for many of the miseries of life in a small fishing village.” The plea for help followed a revolt in 1536, known as the Pilgrimage of Grace, against several royal enactments, principally the dissolution of great monasteries and abbeys. Much blame was popularly placed on Thomas Cromwell, chief minister to Henry VIII, who was “the cause of all our miseries and heresies” – according to those behind the rebellion. Two parts, P-1 today, P-2 tomorrow Read the rest here 12:18

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