All in a day’s work – dragging on the ‘Kestrel’ catching fluke and sea bass in the Sound

doc578e8911872a00127048841Wanna know what it’s like to go on a fishing trip with me, but you don’t spot any rods or reels (except a huge one with nets and chain on it)? Well, if you have ever stopped at Bacci’s Lobster Landing for the world’s best lobster roll, you have looked across the dock and have seen the bow of the Kestrel, a modest craft capable of catching enormous amounts of fish. Of course, you won’t see enormous amounts of fish because by the time you’ve taken your first bite of the roll, Capt. Doug Pogany has already delivered his catch to the market in New London. Sometimes he goes to Hunt’s Point, which has replaced the Fulton Fish Market; when that’s closed, he travels to New London To see the whole operation, you’d have to do what I did: Get up at 3:30 a.m.,  Read the story here 20:06

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