‘Total devastation’: Dorset Fisheries plant in Norman’s Cove-Long Cove burns to the ground

norman's cove fish plantA massive fire that broke out Thursday night in Norman’s Cove-Long Cove has flattened the fish plant in the small Trinity Bay community, putting hundreds out of work. The Dorset Fisheries plant, a processor that employed about 240 people at its peak in a town of about 700, burned to the ground overnight in a massive industrial fire. “It’s total devastation for this little town, I can tell you,” Bonnie Newhook, who worked at the fish plant since it opened, told CBC News Friday morning.  The plant had been opened for almost 30 years, and served as an anchor for fish plant workers and fishermen in the community and neighbouring areas. “It’s pretty hard to watch after all those years, seeing it go up in smoke,” Newhook said. Read the rest here 15:02

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