Longtime Gloucester Fisherman Sam Parisi discusses regulatory issues he wants you to know about

manatthewheelMy name is Sam Parisi I am a proud third generation Fisherman from Gloucester, Massachusetts. My involvement in the fishing industry spans well over fifty years, and sadly, I have never seen our fleet, our shore side infrastructure in Gloucester, and New England in the alarming position it is at this moment. This is the result of unacceptable mismanagement of our fishery at the hands of the NOAA/NMFS bureaucracy, which is expanding. Another troubling issue is the at-sea monitoring program. The S-K funds, and S. 3087 “American Fisheries Advisory Committee Act”, introduced by Senator Dan Sullivan, R-AK, is also discussed. Read the rest here 15:39

This timely NOAA announcement just showed up! New “pre-proposal” process provides more guidance for Saltonstall-Kennedy grant applicants Click here 15:59

  • Joel Hovanesian

    New “pre-proposal” process provides more guidance for Saltonstall-Kennedy grant applicants
    Today, NOAA Fisheries is announcing the availability of approximately $10 million in funding for projects focusing on sustainable fisheries and coastal fishing communities.

    10 million dollars to be awarded to who? Those who have played along with NOAA’s charade and been good little peasants?
    While NOAA’s industry destroying regulations and outcome based science driven quotas continue to choke the life out of those who still remain, they have the audacity to offer up 10 million dollars?
    And just who will benefit from all of this dough?
    My guess would be the professional grant writers from the institutes of higher indoctrinating who always seem to be more than willing to take the dollars that would be of greater value to those who continue to suffer under this agencies tyrannical rule.
    How can these despicable bastards sleep at night?