‘End of my life’: Plant fire a double hit for fishing family in Norman’s Cove-Long Cove

dave-cooperThe fiery destruction of the Dorset Fisheries plant in Norman’s Cove-Long Cove is a life-changing hit for one family in the community. Dave Cooper and his wife both relied on the fish plant for their living. He was a fisherman, and she was a plant worker for a number of years, he says. Now they are both out of work, and wondering about their future. “The end of my life…I suppose, in one sense,” Cooper said of the fire. “I’ve got a lot of gear gone, no place to sell my fish, my wife’s out of work.” A fire that broke out Thursday evening has completely destroyed the fish plant, the main employer in the small town. It has left many wondering about their future, and the future of their community. Video, Read the rest here 08:50

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