Joe Henry, ‘the fox’ of lobstermen, to lead Stonington’s Blessing of Fleet parade on Sunday

dt.common.streams.StreamServerBack in the day, Joe Henry was really good at lobstering, so good in fact, that his fellow lobstermen in the Borough would call him “the fox” because he was so sly, knew all the best places to find the crustaceans and would always bring in the largest catch. “I did it for a good 50 years and would often bring in 200 to 300 pounds in one tide. Those were the good old days,” the 90-year-old resident said while holding a photo of himself lobstering nearly 40 years ago. “I was a lobsterman all my life. It’s just what I did.” His dedication to the local fishing and lobstering industry and to the sea is the reason that Mike and Georgia Crowley, organizers of the 63rd annual Blessing of the Fleet, asked him to be the grand marshal for the procession during this year’s event. Read the rest here 10:39

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