Louisiana seafood industry told to think beyond daily catch

fsw001_amber_big1Leather made of tuna skin. Canned seafood marketed to tourists as souvenirs. Dried shrimp shells sold as a soup seasoning or used to extract chitin, a protein that has various agricultural, industrial and medical uses. Those were a few potential revenue generators for Louisiana’s seafood industry that were suggested Wednesday by Thor Sigfusson, an Icelandic entrepreneur who founded an incubator to connect businesses in the seafood industry. The effort, called the Iceland Ocean Cluster, focuses on developing innovative ideas within the fishing industry and new uses for the daily catch. “We have a scarcity of these natural proteins in the world, and these are absolutely the best proteins you can have,” Sigfusson told state leaders and seafood industry officials in New Orleans during a two-day visit. Read the story here 13:37

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