Historic West Coast fishing vessel Stephanie to be restored

The Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum and the City of Eureka teamed up in 2011 to restore a historic wooden fishing vessel, one of the oldest if not the oldest of its type on the West Coast, and the museum finalized a grant application on Saturday to fund more work on the ship, Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum board member and owner of Zerland & Zerlang Marine Services, where the boat has had repairs, Leroy Zerlang said today. “That will take care of the rest that needs to be done to it,” he said. The drag boat, Stephanie, is 60 feet long by 16 feet wide and was built in 1917 at Fisherman’s Wharf. It is tied to the long history and tradition of fishing on Humboldt Bay, Zerlang said. The boat’s original owner was Tom Lazio, who named it after his stepdaughter and had it in his fleet of fishing vessels. Read the story here 13:58

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