Is total destruction of fishing industry the goal?

trawler, australiaYour front page article (Commercial fishers ‘gutted’ by govt reforms)The fishermen under threat from government ‘reforms’ to the fishing industry just doesn’t ‘irk’ people, it angers. My father was a commercial fisherman. He helped represent Aussie fisherman overseas, helped set up co-ops, and represented his fellow fishermen to the politicians of the day. The ultimate result in trying to make a sustainable fishing industry was constantly thwarted by bureaucrats. The professional fishermen warned the government not to hand out professional fishing licences to weekend, hobby ‘fishermen’ as the depletion of stock would be resultant. They were told, by some, the intention was not going to be to make ‘raggedy arsed fishermen millionaire’s’. The fishermen knew what they were talking about and were ignored. Regrettably, this was the case with each government. Read the rest here 19:46

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