Animal Rights Crusaders Crash Brooklyn Lobster Party To Protest Crustacean ‘Torture’

080131lobster2An animal rights group barged into a lobster boil party in Brooklyn yesterday, shouting, holding signs, climbing on tables and dousing one another in “blood.” Collectively Free, the group behind yesterday’s demonstration, crashed The Great Brooklyn Lobster Boil at The Landing at Industry City—a $60 per ticket event featuring lobsters cooked on-site—calling out the event for “speciesism” and “lobster torture.” Chanting “Her whole life, your one meal, lobsters feel, lobsters feel” and “If you want to get some peace, let the lobster torture cease,” over two dozen protestors acted out the moments of the lobster’s death, screaming and, confusingly, pouring blood on each other. As security attempted to corral the group, one member climbed on a table where people were eating, eventually getting pulled down. It’s unclear whether the person who pulled the protestor down was affiliated with Industry City or one of the many surprised, bib-clad patrons attending the event. Watch the video, read the rest here 11:28

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