“Delusions of a Mad Man”. The story of Harvey Haddock, a fisherman who finally had enough and decided to do something about it

lovgren-e1446162791139READ THIS! “Delusions of a Mad Man”. Excerpted from a novel in progress by Jim Lovgren. Harvey Haddock cursed his father, why did he have to be a commercial fisherman? He could have been anything, a doctor, lawyer, porno star, anything but a damn commercial fisherman. He knew it was wrong to curse his father, but his rage needed an outlet and since his problems started with his career choice, his anger naturally returned to its birthplace. His father was a fisherman, and so was his grandfather, brother, and uncles, it seemed like everybody in his family at some time was a fisherman, probably going all the way back to Sweden where his ancestors had originated. The difference was that in other countries, and even in America until a few years ago, Commercial fisherman were respected as the hard working food providers that they were, but somehow something went wrong in America.  Read the story here 16:05

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