Couple “Tie’s the Knot” on the deck of the bride’s longliner

tying the knotAs part of the ceremony for Tracy LaCosta of Campbell’s Creek and her husband Ben Hickey, a rope knot tying took place. While the fisherman’s knot came natural for LaCosta, who seasonally works day to day on the Aggie Jane II they got married on, it was more of a challenge for landlubber husband Hickey, who got seasick for about six hours the first and only time he went out on the water to witness his partner’s work. “I didn’t even make it out to the first crab pot when I was over the side puking up,” he said. LaCosta said there is great symbolism in the fisherman’s knot as it’s the strongest and is unbreakable and that’s why they decided on it as part of the ceremony. Read the story here 10:04

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