PETA protester sheds shell for cause!

t1200-IMG_5297A crowd of curious spectators and journalists gathered at the corner of Park and Main Streets Aug. 3 to witness a supporter of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) shed most of her clothes and lie on plate like a lobster in protest of the annual Maine Lobster Festival. Mysti Lee (sounds exotic!)of Chicago, painted all in red and wearing lobster claws but little else, emulated Maine’s famous crustacean on a plate with to-scale cutlery, a garnish of cilantro and a side of butter across the street from the Maine Lobster Festival. Lobster Festival President Brian Plourde said Aug. 2 the festival has had protests from PETA in years past. “PETA has every right to protest,” he said. “…We’re here to support the fishing community.” Read the story here 16:28

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