Stacey Marshall Tabor – ‘I just want to run a boat’ – Millbrook First Nation human rights ruling appeal dismissed

stacey-marshall-taborA Nova Scotian Mi’kmaq woman who won a human rights complaint against her community says she “feels vindicated” after a federal court dismissed an attempt by the Millbrook band to overturn the tribunal’s decision. Stacey Marshall Tabor has spent the past decade years fighting the band for her right to work in the local fishing industry and says as a parent, she felt she had to make a stand. “I put myself in a position that I had to stand up for these women, for all these young girls,” she said. “I have a daughter, she’s watching me 24-7. What if I had bowed down and said, ‘oh yeah, ok you can shove me around.’ Wouldn’t have looked good, would it, as a mother.” “I just want to run a boat and I want to have full access like every other man in that fishery to the fisheries,” she said. Read the story here 11:02

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